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The Importance of Venting During Roof Replacement in Florence, KY

Stacking With a Little Help

The stack effect is the one used most frequently to get air in and out of roofs with natural ventilation. When roofs are installed, there are small points throughout for hot air to escape while the fresh air comes in. It’s free ventilation and requires no effort on your part.

Still, there are some cases and areas where hot air needs a push to leave your home. In those places, there are machine vents that can force the exhaust and bring in new air with wind or electricity.

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Breathe in, Breathe Out

Most people know that hot air rises, which is why ventilation points are made in your roofing. Stacking is used primarily because it works so well, but also some regions and cities have residential codes that don’t permit mechanical venting.

Either way, letting out the exhaust from your home will help in a number of ways. The biggest one is your electric bill, but there’s also the potential cost of structural work needing to be done. If the hot air has nowhere to go, your home becomes a sauna and puts more work on your AC.

Beyond that, though, without proper circulation to evaporate the moisture from rainfall your beams and boards will succumb to weakening or even mold. In other words, exhaust is imperative to a functional vent.

That’s why ridge vents were created, which are points where angles of your roof meet. These vents are specifically designed to let air escape without letting outside weather inside, so they’re a key component of natural ventilation.

Intake vents are the opposite, because they only allow cool air in. They’re built into the edges of your roof at various spots and work in tandem with ridge vents to provide full air flow throughout your roof or attic.

While most natural vents are louvers, homeowners might have the location-dependent turbines or powered vents. The former requires access to a lot of wind, which isn’t always the case, and the latter needs electricity to power, which affects your electric bill.

Having enough vents will also affect your roof’s integrity, so the golden rule to know is one vent for every 150 square feet of roof space. The biggest factor is that a vapor barrier doubles the space between vents, but there are many reasons you might need more or less vents.

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The Benefits of Venting

We’re not talking about a therapist, but we touched on how ventilation can affect your bank account. It can increase your electric bill or change the frequency of your roof repairs and replacements, but it might help to know why.

Aside from the obvious air conditioning charges, during the winter ice can form on the outside of your roof. You’ll probably have the heat on, which will melt it, but then it will re-freeze in your gutters to form an ice dam.

Ice damming doesn’t allow rain or debris to leave, but it also adds significant weight to your gutters and risks them collapsing. The vents in your roof will help prevent that situation, but it doesn’t stop there.

Built-up heat inside your roof can lessen the effectiveness of whatever roofing materials you’ve got installed, reducing how well they stick to your deck and their life span in the process. Having ventilation in place, it really can pay to let off some steam!

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