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Located in Cincinnati, OH and proudly serving Indian Hill, Anderson, Oxford, Bridgetown, Delhi, Hamilton, Fairfield, Ross, Mason, Lebanon, West Chester and the surrounding tri-state area, including Florence, Independence, Burlington, Union, Hebron, in KY and Lawrenceburg and Aurora in IN.

Looking to hire the best roofing contractor in Union, KY?

When you need to hire a roofing contractor in Union, KY you’ll want to make sure you work with the best of the best. All Insurance Restore is firmly in the category.

With hundreds of replacements handled in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana you can be sure we know what we’re doing. And with our high level of expertise working with the insurance companies you can also be sure that you’re working with a roofing contractor in Union, KY that knows how to get you the most bang for your book.

On this page and throughout our site you’ll see videos of us working around the tri-state area performing full roof replacements. When you see how our crews work as a fine-tuned machine you’ll definitely know we’re the roofing contractor in Union, KY to call.

A Fairfield roofer you can trust.

When you have us as your roofing contractor in Union, KY - we'll put your insurance company to work.

We don’t want to toot our own horn and say we’re the best roofing contractor in Union, KY – we’ll let our customers do that for us with our numerous perfect reviews on sites like Google, HomeAdvisor, and Facebook. One theme you’ll notice? We help get the most for you out of your insurance policy.

We don’t want to say that the insurance company is trying to be unfair in their dealings, but the job of the claims adjuster is to make sure the insurance company isn’t paying for anything they don’t have to. With our years and years of experience we’ll help to ensure you get everything you deserve from the insurance companies, and in many cases, are able to provide a complete roof replacement for less than what it would cost to hire the other guys for a quick repair.

Do you only need a small roof repair in Union, KY?

If your roof is leaking you may think you just need a quick roof repair in Union, KY. But the reality of the situation is probably far more severe than it seems. By the time you have an obvious issue like a leak your roof has probably accumulated extensive damage. Working with the right roofing contractor in Union, KY can help to ensure you get this issue corrected in the most economical fashion.

Sure, a repair may seem more affordable than a replacement. But in many cases a repair today will mean it’s only a matter of time until you need to call a roofing contractor in Union, KY again. You see, if you have a lot of underlying damage on your roof and only one area is repaired, the other weakened areas are likely to cause issues in the future.

That’s why working with a company like ours can go a long way when it comes to getting the job done right. Not only are we experts at working with the insurance company to help get your replacement covered by your insurance policy, but we’re also a roofing contractor in Union, KY that is designated as Owens-Corning preferred.


So call us today to find out what it’s like working with the best roofing contractor in Union, KY.

Hire Us as Your Roofing contractor in Union, KY

If you look around our site you’ll see plenty of photos and videos of our high quality work, along with testimonials and reviews provided by real customers. But you won’t know what it’s like to work with All Insurance Restore as your roofing contractor in Union, KY until you give it a try yourself. So take the first step and call us today to schedule your onsite inspection!

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Brian, the owner of AIR, is very knowledgeable in his business. He did all the works with our insurance company, we did not have any problem getting our roof replaced. The work is excellent. Brian and all his workers are very friendly and accommodating

Joseph Y. in Fairfield, OH

Put your insurance to work

We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners in the Cincinnati, OH area. Find out how we can help you put your home owner’s insurance policy to work so you can get a new roof installed with minimal out of pocket expenses. Contact us now to schedule your free inspection!



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Our goal is to ensure you get what you deserve from your insurance company. We used to work for the insurance company as claims specialists. Put us on your side so we can get you the best quality roof with the lowest possible cost. Call now to learn more!

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