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Looking to hire the best roofing contractor in Hebron, KY?

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Roof Installation in Hebron, KY with the Help of Your Insurance Policy

Yes, we are a roofing contractor in Hebron, KY, but that’s not all! Our dynamic team offers you guaranteed compliance with your insurance company because our team consists of individuals with backgrounds in handling insurance claims. Our team will learn your policy and utilize it for maximum efficiency. We have you covered, literally!

We want to be known as a company which operates with integrity. Therefore, we do not spend time telling you what we think about our competition. As a roofing contractor in Hebron, KY, we want you to know that you, the client, are our first priority. Admittedly, roof installation in Hebron, KY is not a project that you hope to undertake with any degree of regularity. Thus, you may not be familiar with policies, processes, and prices. That’s ok! Let us help you with our staff of highly-trained professionals from your free inspection to nailing the last shingle. Call us, today!


It has been said that only ten percent of icebergs are visible above water. The most significant mass is actually under the water. You may believe that roof repair in Hebron, KY is a permanent solution when it is only a temporary fix. Sometimes your greatest problem is not a few shingles, but a complete roof installation in Hebron, KY. We don’t want to put a “bandaid” on a problem that needs surgery. We like to see you, but we are certain that you do not want to see us every six months to fix the same problems! Let us work for you to see if you qualify for an entirely new roof.

Let us allay your concerns about financial obligations.

In the United States, a roof repair may cost you up to $1,479 according to 

A leaky roof today will be a leaky roof tomorrow. Take full advantage of your insurance premium by utilizing services you already deserve to take care of a problem you will always have!

Don’t waste another minute tarping a hole in your roof, replacing sheetrock, or endangering yourself by nailing shingles onto rotten wood. Call us, the most proficient roofing contractor in Hebron, KY to see if you qualify for a full roof replacement. You may only be responsible for paying your deductible. Remember, we will get your insurance company to work on your case because we specialize in adjusting insurance claims and reading policies as well as roofing. If your house requires roof repair in Hebron, KY, we will come and inspect your roof at no cost!

Qualifying roof replacements will only cost the price of the insurance deductible.


We have observed countless customers who barely spent anything out of pocket for roof installation in Hebron, KY.

However, as with most aspects of life, there are exceptions as to why your insurance company may not replace your roof. Call us to inspect your roof and study your policy to put you in the best position to be financed. Maybe your roof has held up well for a long time. (These time-tested roofs are the quality product we provide). That’s a circumstance in which the insurance company might not compensate you. Additionally, if you have failed to maintain your roof, your insurance company may not pay. Nevertheless, call us to come inspect your roof and work on the insurance company. 


Help us help you with your roof installation in Hebron, KY. Meticulously document any work that anyone performs on your roof. Additionally, document inspection reports and photograph your roof both before and after Make sure to keep records of any work or repairs done on your roof. Photograph and date pictures of your roof periodically. 

No one wants to spend money for roof repairs and roof replacements. All Insurance Restore knows this will be your qualified partner to get what you deserve from your insurance company. Why wouldn’t they be qualified? They are unique in that they employ individuals with experience in insurance. 

Allow All Insurance Restore to partner with you and your roof installation in Hebron, KY. Don’t worry about negligence from your insurance company when you need their help the most. Our contractors will be your advocates. Truly, our company is unlike any other in the area because we have experience in the areas you need us the most! We want you to get the roof, and your insurance company to fund it. That’s a mission that both of us can support!

Brian, the owner of AIR, is very knowledgeable in his business. He did all the works with our insurance company, we did not have any problem getting our roof replaced. The work is excellent. Brian and all his workers are very friendly and accommodating

Joseph Y. in Fairfield, OH

Put your insurance to work

We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners in the Cincinnati, OH area. Find out how we can help you put your home owner’s insurance policy to work so you can get a new roof installed with minimal out of pocket expenses. Contact us now to schedule your free inspection!



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