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Located in Cincinnati, OH and proudly serving Indian Hill, Anderson, Oxford, Bridgetown, Delhi, Hamilton, Fairfield, Ross, Mason, Lebanon, West Chester and the surrounding tri-state area, including Florence, Independence, Burlington, Union, Hebron, in KY and Lawrenceburg and Aurora in IN.

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We are not only the most outstanding roofing contractor in Delhi, OH, but we also have experience working for insurance companies. So we know how to file insurance claims to get the most out of your insurance policy. We won’t let you down when it counts.

We won’t bash the competition, but we will point out our differences. As a roofing contractor in Delhi, OH, we aim for more than just profit. We’re here to assist you in understanding your insurance policy, so you receive the most value for your money throughout your roofing installation in Delhi, OH

Get in touch with our staff for assistance from start to end. The bonus here is you get a free inspection!


Many unwary homeowners in Delhi, OH, believe they only need a basic roof fix. A tiny leak often indicates more significant problems with the roof’s structure. This is when many consumers choose a complete roofing installation in Delhi, OH

A few things to consider if you’re worried about the cost:

  • Your roof already has insurance.
  • Troubled roofs tend to stay troubled, even after a repair.
  • According to, the average roof repair in the US can cost as much as $1,479
  • The cost of roof replacements is usually the same as that of the insurance deductible.

Call us now for a free roof inspection in Delhi, OH! This will assist you in comprehending your choices if you are in doubt. Insurance companies love us because we know how to get them to pay for roof replacements in Delhi, OH.


That’s a good question that bothers the minds of a lot of people. The answer is “Yes. Insurance will help pay for your roof installation in Delhi, OH.”

 However, in some cases, a roof may not be eligible for replacement. Ordinarily, this happens due to a homeowner’s care. Others are due to normal wear and tear. To get the most out of your insurance claim, obtain a free roof inspection. This does help you make the right choice of receiving the best insurance claim you can get.


If you want to get the maximum allowable on your insurance claim for roof installation in Delhi, OH, you need to note these few tips. Keep track of all roof maintenance and repairs of your roof from time to time. Include before and after photos, inspection reports, and other relevant paperwork. When you do this, it becomes easier for you to get insurance to pay for your roof installation.

When you work with All Insurance Restore, you can rest assured of getting the compensation you deserve from your insurance company. We are the only company in the area that hires former insurance company workers, so we know how to interact with your claim adjuster.

Experience counts when working with an elite staff like All Insurance Restore. That we know of, we are the only local company that employs ex-insurers! In this way, we can determine what is and isn’t feasible in policies. Assuring you of a fantastic crew and a wealth of knowledge when All Insurance Restore installs your roof in Delhi, OH.

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Brian, the owner of AIR, is very knowledgeable in his business. He did all the works with our insurance company, we did not have any problem getting our roof replaced. The work is excellent. Brian and all his workers are very friendly and accommodating

Joseph Y. in Fairfield, OH

Put your insurance to work

We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners in the Cincinnati, OH area. Find out how we can help you put your home owner’s insurance policy to work so you can get a new roof installed with minimal out of pocket expenses. Contact us now to schedule your free inspection!



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Our goal is to ensure you get what you deserve from your insurance company. We used to work for the insurance company as claims specialists. Put us on your side so we can get you the best quality roof with the lowest possible cost. Call now to learn more!

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